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Записи с темой: lyrics (список заголовков)

the hidden track №17;

don't go to hell without me.

Strong feelings, you can hardly speak
And maybe you want to cry
But it's not what they need
So you better start to smile

Feelings you have deep inside
Another part of your perfect life
Now they want you to smile

You're still alive, but it's hard to breathe
You would rather be alone
But they won't let you live in peace
You better show them a smile

You tried to tell them. They don't want to hear
So you create every feeling what they need
Now they want you to smile

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the hidden track №2;

don't go to hell without me.
the god is dead and world is done
so we all live here just for fun
if someone asks me “what'd you want”
my answer will be “all you’ve got”

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the hidden track №1;

don't go to hell without me.
When we listen to the radio
We hear only boring shit
We saw a porno on TV
With our dear president
And you know I’m not a liar
And you know I’m telling truth
Our country on the fire
‘Coz we're burning our youth
Do you really want to fix it?
Do you want a different life?
And I know that you will miss it
When will pass a little time
So let’s listen to the radio
And let’s watching on TV
How they're playing in politics
‘Coz this show to us for free

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